Overview of the N-Crowd Project from a Developers perspective.


We're initially looking to create a Liferay-based hosting platform where we can quickly enable any number of virtual portals/websites.

We will be working on three independent but related  sites: n-tier.comn-crowd.com, and crowdbucks.com.  These sites are being rebuilt from scratch and will leverage integrated project management and related collaboration abilities to effectively manage the respective projects.

Our N-Crowd project will be the first of these portal sites, and our members will be able to create virtual portals for their own purposes and easily leverage any of the tools and portlets that Liferay supports, etc.

We intend to create a basic project management type platform with Scrum and other tools that our team can use, and that will also serve as a prototype for similar systems.

The entire platform will be made available as an open-source package that anyone can download and run either on their own hardware or in the cloud, etc. We can create a VMware image and/or potentially use Docker and Kubernetes-type technologies to create a flexible and simple to deploy hosting platform that will enable the various types of collaboration required.

Other types of services will be integrated into the core platform using an API-centric approach that enables virtually any type of language and/or data-source to be leveraged and incorporated as needed.

N-Crowd is an open-ended concept, so where we go from that initial framework will be largely determined by our various members, partners, and related opportunities.

We anticipate that the project will be forked into various related projects and customized for specific purposes. A core purpose technically will be in creating a highly-customizable integration platform that can be adapted for a wide variety of needs.

We have already created a number of related portlet prototypes that need to be upgraded and implemented, so once we have a basic platform ready we can begin work on the subsequent phases.

If you can assist with helping to create the initial team, or have any other suggestions on how you can best help move things forward, please let us know.

Note: The â„•-Crowd project is still at an early stage and actively seeking co-founders and investors in order to fully develop this unique concept. If you are interested in getting involved in the N-Crowd project then please consider joining us.