ℕow Is The Time!

We're looking for Partners, Sponsors, CoFounders, Advisors, and Founding Members for our new, online Social Initiative, a "For the People, By the People", Crowdsourcing platform. 

The new platform will primarily target ℕetworkers, ℕetizens, and Digital ℕatives, along with the ℕinety-ℕine percent of People on the Planet that don't have a meaningful voice in their own future.

We currently have three core tiers in our ℕ-Crowd meta-project, so individuals can choose to get involved in one or more areas depending on their interests.

Each tier of the project is intended to address a separate issue, with each tier being independent but able to leverage services from the other tiers, as well as from all types of external services, using an integrated API/Logic layer to integrate various blockchains and other data sources, interfaces, AI, etc.

An overview of the core tiers is as follows:

ℕ-Tier is a sophisticated Technical platform for building and hosting advanced Web3 Websites and leveraging Next-gen Distributed Systems.

ℕ-Crowd is a multi-faceted Social platform for Teams and Communities to virtually Cooperate and Collaborate, and will provide the foundation for our Hosting and Crowdsourcing related services.

CrowdBucks is a comprehensive Monetary and Economic platform for Decentralized Trade and Commerce within and between all types of Crowds and Communities.

You can review the individual project overviews using the Linkedin-based links below.

Join The Crowd...

Note: The -Crowd project is still at an early stage and actively seeking co-founders and investors in order to fully develop this unique concept. If you are interested in getting involved in some way in the N-Crowd project then please consider joining us.