etizens of the World Unite!


ℕ-Crowd is a ℕ-Dimensional Portal platform that enables any ℕumber of Crowds to form and collaborate in meaningful ways; each Crowd with any ℕumber of Members, any ℕumber of related Projects, any ℕumber of Polls, etc.

etizen etwork

The ℕ-Crowd platform is designed for ℕetizens and Digital Citizens, especially those actively involved in building Online Communities and the fight for ℕetwork ℕeutrality and Open Access for everyone.

The  prefix in our ℕ-Crowd project can mean multiple things, depending on what the primary context is. 

In Mathematicsℕ = Any ℕumber from 1 to Infinity
The ℕatural ℕumbers - A Positive Integer 

  • Any ℕumber of Crowds, Communities, Interest Groups, Forums, Debates, Polls & Surveys, Opinions, etc.
  • Any ℕumber of Topics, Issues, Discussions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Any ℕumber of Crowd-based Solutions to Complex Issues.

In Polling and Group Studiesℕ = Number of Participants / Sample Size / Group Size

~ ℕumbers Matter (Larger  factors always rise to the top.)

Quantify Anything!

Reach a consensus position with easy to use Polling capabilities and other advanced digital Communication and Collaboration tools.

If you’re a marketer or entrepreneur, you can poll customers to get straight answers about how to improve your product or service.

Public opinion plays a number of critically important roles in a representative democracy, and accurate opinion polls are essential to understanding what people think and ensuring truly democratic governance.

Polling is one of the many powerful tools available that help people to understand one another and effectively work together toward reaching common goals.  


In ℕetwork Computing ℕ = Any Number of Tiers

In modern computer application development, ℕ-Tier Architecture refers to an application that is built using a concept of logically separating related component parts into any number of Tiers / Layers - that can be located on any number of distributed systems. Most complex computer applications in use today use a kind of ℕ-Tier architecture.

represents an important theme for the ℕ-Crowd project, as it has become increasingly clear that we must act ℕow if we don't want to run out of time and options for dealing with potentially catastrophic issues in the near future.


 also can refer to the et Generation / Generation ""

Generation-ℕ is the cohort of people born after 1980, who have experienced the Internet and related technologies as a major influence on their culture and development.


Digital atives - People Who Get the et !

Activities that "Crowders" pursue can be for Fun or for Profit, or perhaps just to give something of value back to the Community, so just about everybody can benefit by being an active part of an ℕ-Crowd Team.

You can easily start your own Crowds with your friends and family and/or you can join and collaborate with existing Crowds that are focused on issues you care about. 

Anyone can create and manage their own ℕ-Crowd platform as a remotely hosted website, and ℕet-savvy users can download the complete stack of open-source software and build their own custom portal instances.


ℕo Limits!

Independant ℕ-Crowd sites can be Federated and become part of a distributed Fediverse of websites by using a Federated Identity that provides a simple and secure way to participate in multiple crowds.

Are You "HIP" enough to be part of the ℕ-Crowd? ("H.I.P." = Honesty, Integrity & Passion)

If so, then Join us in creating an exciting and potentially profitable group of Internet-based Communities.